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A house becomes a home when you fill it up with things you love. We founded EDEN + ASH to inspire and help other homeowners, like us, bring their dream home to life. Our philosophy is simple: to help you create the Eden you deserve.

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Copenhagen Matte Flatware Set - EDEN + ASHCopenhagen Matte Flatware Set - EDEN + ASH

Copenhagen Matte Flatware Set

From $109
Stockholm Matte Flatware Set - EDEN + ASHStockholm Matte Flatware Set - EDEN + ASH

Stockholm Matte Flatware Set

From $109
Bouquet Woman Canvas Prints - EDEN + ASHBouquet Woman Canvas Prints - EDEN + ASH

Bouquet Woman Canvas Prints

From $25
Aespa Flatware Pieces - EDEN + ASHAespa Flatware Pieces - EDEN + ASH

Aespa Flatware Pieces

From $10
Hikaru Bowls - EDEN + ASHHikaru Bowls - EDEN + ASH

Hikaru Bowls

Bryne Tongs - EDEN + ASHBryne Tongs - EDEN + ASH

Bryne Tongs

From $25

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