How to Plan a Backyard Wedding (Luxury Picnic Style)

A backyard wedding can be a lot more than just an casual affair. They're intimate, convenient, and often a budget-friendly venue. There are endless backyard wedding ideas to transform your home into something dreamy, something you've always imagined. Here are 5 creative backyard wedding ideas for you: 

 1. Illuminate with string lights

Setting the atmosphere and scene is essential for creating an ambiance. It's easy to put together a welcome display with minimal work or expense. Wrap a few overhead bistro lights around the beams of a tent to accentuate the structural grandeur of an outdoor dinner. 

Photo by Aura Marzouk

2. Bring the bar outside

Nothing puts customers in a better mood than self-serve iced beverages. For a quick and attractive refresher, stock a bar cart with bottles of champagne. Do you want to take things to the next level? Bring along a vintage vehicle or truck and fill the trunk with ice basins.

outdoor barPhoto by Christina Zen Studio

3. Use plants as centerpieces

Potted faux flowers can mimic the foliage of a garden and make beautiful centerpieces, without the worry of attracting pests. Cluster a few textural stems and accent blooms with greenery, and lastly, dot in focal flowers with the biggest blooms. 

SILK BUSH PEONY BOUQUETFeatured: Silk Bush Peony Boquet in Deep Pink

4.  Create a Chill Lounge Area

For an exquisite, summer atmosphere, combine light, wicker elements with golden tones and plenty of lush foliage. Bringing the inside out in the shape of a luxurious lounge area can improve any cocktail hour or reception, and it's simple to accomplish with existing outdoor furniture or by reusing indoor furniture. For a more eclectic look, group mismatched furniture in different materials or tones.

create a chill lounge areaPhoto by James & Schulze

5. Set up banquet tables

Family and friends who have become family are the focus of backyard weddings. The seated dinner reception should bring everyone together in a family-style setting. Long banquet tables provide a warm, communal atmosphere that brings everyone a bit closer. 

Photo by Danielle Riley



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